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Salvini: "Le sanzioni alla Russia sono un' assurdità sociale, culturale ed economica"

17 ча назад

Salvini: "Le sanzioni alla Russia sono un'assurdità sociale, culturale ed economica"

इस तरह Russia ने America को चिढ़ाया, India की तो निकल पड़ी

17 ча назад

अमेरिका को चुभी भारत-रूस की दोस्ती, अमेरिका की धमकी का रूस ने दिया मुंहतोड़...

BREAKING: Putin Orders Russia's Strategic Nuclear Force To Test Its Nukes In Large-Scale Drills

4 дн назад

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Россия 24. Последние новости России и мира в прямом эфире

1 лет назад

Россия 24 - это новости 24 часа в прямом эфире. Подпишись на канал: Официальный...

RUSSIA IS HIDING ALIENS!?! - Deep Web Browsing 172

1 дн назад

Hello guys and gals, it's me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at what seems to be a site detailing a conspiracy I couldn't have thought of, sites all about ...

Trump: Russia meddled in election, but China "meddled too"

1 ча назад

With voters heading to the polls in just a few weeks, President Trump weighed in on election interference during an interview with "60 Minutes." Niall Stanage ...

Trump Discusses Russia Investigation In '60 Minutes' Interview

16 ча назад

John Schiumo reports for CBS News.

'If West expects to put Russia out of balance, they haven't read right history books' – Lavrov

3 дн назад

Russia has become a scapegoat for Western countries and media yet again recently. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told French media what Moscow ...

Russia launches criminal probe after Soyuz rocket fails

4 дн назад

Russia has launched a criminal investigation over a failed rocket launch to the International Space Station. A US and Russian astronaut were forced to make an ...

REMARKABLE GROWTH! Putin: Russia's Agriculture Is A Driver Of The Russian Economy

11 ча назад

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Russia vs Turkey - Who Would Win? (Military / Army Comparison)

5 дн назад

The first 1000 people to sign up to Skillshare will get their first 2 months for free: Who would win in a hypothetical battle between ...

Meanwhile in RUSSIA Funny Compilation || Russian Crazy Clips || MIR 2018

6 меc назад

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How Russia is revamping Moscow to be one of Europe's most vibrant cities

5 дн назад

While many Western observers would consider Russia's authoritarian political system repressive, when it comes to public spaces the people in the capital are ...

Fearing for his life in the UK, Russian oligarch returns to Russia

2 дн назад

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 133. The Duran's Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the strange and fascinating story of ...

10 Common Things Banned In Russia

3 лет назад

Top 10 normal everyday stuff that were made illegal to Russians by Vladimir Putin. Subscribe to our channel: Other Videos You Might Like ...


33 мин назад

could soon sign agreement to procure $2.2-billion stealth frigates deal — Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356) or advanced Talwar-class frigates. Speaking ...

On land, sea & air: Russia tests its nukes in large-scale drills

3 дн назад

Courtesy: Russian Ministry of Defence The Russian military has tested components of its nuclear deterrence, including land-launched nuclear missiles, ...

Too many Ladies - A normal day in Russia

3 дн назад

A normal summer day in Russia and a perfect hot weather for action! Too many beautiful Ladies on the streets. ▻Patreon-only videos ...

Visit Russia - 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA

4 меc назад

Babushkas? Statues of Putin Riding a Bear? Flick Your Throat with Your Index Finger to Let The Locals Know You Need a Drink? Russia is a truly shocking ...

Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces: Nuclear Drill - Forças Nucleares Estratégicas da Rússia

3 дн назад

Russia's Strategic Nuclear Forces: Nuclear Drill - Forças Nucleares Estratégicas da Rússia Russia's strategic nuclear forces have staged major military drills in ...

😂 Russian funny moments & best fails 2017. New funny video 2017

11 меc назад

This is why we love Russia. Russian #funnymoments, best #fails 2017 & New funny videos. Enjoy all of the best Russian fails we could find! ▻SUBSCRIBE ...