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Magic Science_Highlight

1 нед назад

Welcome our new project! 'Magic Science' is a fun educational programme for beginners and intermediate English students. Do incredible physical experiments ...


3 меc назад

Enjoy our new project for kids 'Okey-Dokey'! By watching 'Okey-Dokey' on a regular basis, children will not only learn some simple collocations but also improve ...

English Club TV - stay tuned!

3 меc назад

The educational channel English Club TV celebrates its 10th anniversary. Now English Club TV is one of the most popular TV channels with 30000000 viewers ...

The English Club TV application has turned 1 year old!

3 меc назад

The mobile app English Club TV is celebrating its first Birthday. Do not miss a chance to buy a subscription at a 30 % discount and get many other gifts.

Okey Dokey_Highlight

3 меc назад

'Okey-Dokey' is a captivating music show for kids aged 2-7 years old. Each episode is devoted to a particular topic and invites children to sing an elementary ...

What Did They Say?

4 меc назад

Based on authentic interviews and speeches of famous people, the programme 'What Did They Say?' helps viewers to improve their vocabulary and listening ...

Perfect English

4 меc назад

'Perfect English' is an educational programme for those who want to improve their pronunciation. The programme is intended for viewers with elementary to ...

Keep Fit

4 меc назад

With the programme Keep Fit you can not only learn English, but also keep your body in good shape. Because of the fast native speech the show is intended for ...

Worth Seeing

4 меc назад

With 'Worth Seeing', learning English is a fascinating journey. Each episode is divided into four levels, developed for learners of different levels. This series is a ...

Kids in Action

5 меc назад

'Kids in Action' is intended to help your child learn new vocabulary while watching the children of England doing various activities. The programme targets ...

Yummy for Mummy

5 меc назад

'Yummy for Mummy' is an edutainment culinary show intended for children aged from 6-12 years old and their families. The programme was developed from real ...

Here and There

7 меc назад

Here and There is an educational programme that reveals interesting facts and tells about different events. The host of the programme uses easily ...

English 991_2 season

7 меc назад

In the second season of English 911 experienced teachers from leading language schools answer viewers' questions and give explanations on some common ...

Okey-Dokey! (Teaser)

7 меc назад

'Okey-Dokey' is an enjoyable and engaging music show for kids aged 2-7 years old. Together with our cute aliens, your child will pick up some basic vocabulary ...

English UP

8 меc назад

English Up is an exciting educational programme for those who want to learn more about Great Britain and keep their English up.


9 меc назад

3Ways2 is a programme for those who are keen to master various stylistic layers of the English language to express thoughts appropriately depending on the ...

Grammar Wise

9 меc назад

Grammar Wise is an educational programme, which helps to learn English grammar rules in a fast and interesting way.

City Grammar

9 меc назад

Learning grammar while exploring London? Why not?! Our project City Grammar invites you to the capital of Great Britain. Learn English grammar with ...

A School Day in the UK

9 меc назад

A School Day in the UK is an educational program intended for kids aged 8-12. In each episode kids learn some new material in Math, Science, Art, Social ...

Watch ECTV programmes and learn English right on your phone!

9 меc назад

Download English Club TV app for free: For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/english-club-tv/id1243419092 For Android: ...