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PRONUNCIATION of English Words with an -ON Ending

2 нед назад

"Bacon", "salmon", "luncheon", "fusion", and "pigeon" all have an -on ending in common. But just by looking at these words, you cannot guess their pronunciation ...

♥ ♥ ♥ 16 Common English LOVE Expressions ♥ ♥ ♥

1 меc назад

If you like someone, you might want to let that person know. Or maybe you are already in a relationship and want to talk about it with your friends. To help you ...

English Grammar: MUST & HAVE TO

2 меc назад

Do we say "I must do my homework" or "I have to do my homework"? In English, we use "must" and "have to" to express a strong rule or law. In this grammar ...

Culture & Vocabulary: Major religions of the world

3 меc назад

Learn about the major religions of the world. I will teach you about the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. These are the four ...

WISH & HOPE: What's the difference?

4 меc назад

In your language, the verbs "hope" and "wish" might be very similar or the same. However, in English, they are used in different ways. To clear up the confusion ...

Learn English Grammar: Superlative Adjectives

5 меc назад

Superlatives are the ultimate adjectives. They are used to express the supreme form of an adjective. For example, "the best" and "the most beautiful" are both ...

Vocabulary & Tips to SAVE MONEY

5 меc назад

Are you "frugal"? Are you "cheap"? This video on money-saving tips is for you. You will learn how to save money in North America. I will reveal my secrets on ...

SLANG words using 'bug' in English

6 меc назад

Native English speakers use the word "bug" in slang a lot. And no, it has nothing to do with insects! In this lesson, I will teach you many ways to use the word ...

English Grammar: AUXILIARY VERBS – be, do, have

7 меc назад

Do we say, "I am eat" or "I am eating"? What about "He didn't go" or "He didn't went"? These questions and more will be answered when you watch this English ...

Learn this English slang for 2018: go-to, hit it, rock up

8 меc назад

SLANG, SLANG, SLANG. I LOVE SLANG. I'm going to teach you some slang today that I hear a lot and use a lot NOW. You won't learn this from a book, because ...

Have SAFE SEX with Ronnie!

9 меc назад

Want to have sex? DO IT SAFELY! In this sex education video, I'm going to teach you about SAFE SEX -- how to have sex without an accidental pregnancy or ...

IELTS Reading: Read faster & remember more

9 меc назад

On the IELTS Reading section, you have 60 minutes to read 3 different text passages (2200–3000 words) and answer 40 questions! That's CRAZY!!! To do well ...

My English tips for Portuguese speakers

10 меc назад

Are you from Brazil or Portugal? Are you learning English? Then you need to watch this video! You're lucky if you are a Portuguese speaker learning English, ...

Real English: Taking care of your pet DOG!

12 меc назад

Do you have a dog? Do you want a dog? Here in North America, we have specific rules, laws, and cultural customs that every dog owner must know. And if ...

Phrasal Verbs of SEX

1 лет назад

Let's talk about sex, baby! In this video, I'll teach you the phrasal verbs that we use to talk about having sex in English. We'll look at common slang phrasal verbs ...

False Friends: English mistakes that Spanish speakers make

1 лет назад

A "false friend" is a word in one language that sounds similar to a word in another language but that means something different. For example, a common error ...

Learn English: What we call the people we love ❤❤❤

1 лет назад

What do you call your boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe you say "baby", "honey", "sweetheart", "sexy", or something else? In this lesson, I will provide you with a lot ...

What to say when you make a mistake!

1 лет назад

Did you make a mistake again? What did you say? In today's lesson I'm going to teach you about the many expressions you can use when you make mistakes!

Improve your English vocabulary with astrology! Personalities and Professions

1 лет назад

In this lesson, we'll use ASTROLOGY to learn English! You'll learn vocabulary to talk about people, personalities, and professions. Are you outgoing?

Crazy English: FOODS that have BODY PARTS?

1 лет назад

"Crazy crazy English vocabulary and slang! You've learned your basic foods in English, but now it's time to get CRAZY! In English, we've named a lot of our food ...

Learn English Slang: BITCH

2 лет назад

The slang word "bitch" is everywhere these days: in movies, television, music, and even in our casual conversations. It can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, and it ...