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Phrasal verbs with GIVE

Give Out
Somebody was giving leaflets out in front of the underground station.
They gave the names of the winners out last night.
My students are always giving out about the rain.

Give Away
In this issue of the magazine, they are giving away a free DVD.
I'm gonna give all my secrets away.
She didn't give anything away about the party so it came as a complete surprise to me.
They gave away two goals in the first half.

Give In
They gave in when the police surrounded the building.
I couldn't finish the crossword puzzle and had to give in and look at the answers.

Give Over
They were making a lot of noise so I told them to give over.
We've given the premises over to the new company.

Give Back
I gave the money back that she'd lent to me.
Nothing could give me back the way I felt before the scandal.

Give Up
I give up. Tell me the end of the story.
I gave up taking sugar in tea and coffee to lose weight.
You should give up smoking.
I gave up all my free time to the project.
Never gonna give you up.
She gave up all her school friends when she went to university.

Give Up On
I gave up on them when I heard what they were saying about me behind my back.
I have given up on them. They never do what they promise.


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